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STR Partners creates intelligent, inspired architecture reflective of the culture, community, and values of our clients.

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STR Study: Impact of CDC COVID-19 Guidance on School Capacity

On May 6, 2020, STR released a study to our clients and consultants addressing the potential impact of CDC and IDPH mitigation guidance on school capacity should schools reopen this fall. In short, school districts face complex challenges as students are welcomed back. Our study is intended to help school districts provide safe and effective learning environments that follow social distancing guidelines. 

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Case Study: STR’s Robert J. Richardson Middle School Featured in Masonry Magazine

The magazine describes the award-winning Robert J. Richardson Middle School, designed by STR for the Chicago Public Building Commission on behalf of Chicago Public Schools, as an elegant example of durable and sustainable architecture. 

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STR’s Precautions Against the Spread of COVID-19

With the spread of COVID-19, STR is making everyone's health a priority. We plan to keep our office operating and responding to clients, while allowing our employees to work from home. Please feel free to contact Colby Lewis (312-242-4158), Jennifer Costanzo (312-242-4163), or Mike Henderson (312-242-4157) with any concerns.

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