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High Schools

Studies & Supplemental Services

STR conducts a variety of studies to help our clients understand their present conditions and plan for their future. These studies include facility condition assessments, educational adequacy surveys, life-safety surveys, alternative site evaluations, master planning, test-to-fit studies, accessibility studies, building capacity evaluations, energy-efficiency studies, building envelope and hardscape evaluations, and budget estimating. We also assist clients with referendum planning, community engagement programs, and project funding. STR is proactive in grant research and the grant application process.

Master Planning

STR provides master planning services to many of our K-12 school district clients. Pictured plans include:

  • Prospect High School, THSD 214, Mount Prospect, IL
  • Elk Grove High School, THSD 214, Elk Grove Village, IL
  • Pleasantdale Middle School, Pleasantdale SD 107, Burr Ridge, IL

10-Year Life Safety

STR performs 10-year life safety surveys for many of our K-12 school district clients. Recent clients include, but are not limited to:

  • Palatine CCSD 15
  • Minooka CCSD 201
  • Minooka CHSD 111
  • Indian Prairie SD 204
  • CHSD 128 in Vernon Hills, IL
  • Reed-Custer CUSD 255U
  • Wilmette PSD 39

Conditions Assessments

STR routinely performs conditions assessments for our school district clients, large and small. Recent clients include:

  • Joliet PSD 86 (23 sites)
  • Palatine CCSD 15 (20 sites)
  • Indian Prairie SD 204 (3 sites)
  • Skokie SD 68 (5 sites)

Educational Adequacy

STR typically conducts educational adequacy surveys when preparing a master plan for our clients. Key features assessed during the survey include:

  • Size & shape of the room
  • Lighting & controls
  • Natural light
  • Writing space
  • Student & teacher furniture
  • Flexibility of the space
  • Display space
  • Storage capacity
  • Power access & technology
  • Acoustics

School site studies

  • Test fit
  • Zoning analysis
  • Maximum capacity analysis
  • Road/access investigation
  • Cost estimates
  • Municipal/purchase negotiations

Roof Investigations

  • Leak investigations
  • Repair estimates
  • Replacement estimates
  • Warranty studies & extensions
  • Design & material analysis

Facility Improvements

STR provides the following facility improvement services:

  • Masonry repairs
  • Roof repairs/replacement
  • Emergency/disaster stabilization
  • Mechanical/electrical replacement
  • Energy conservation
  • Interior renovations
  • Finishes replacement
  • Play field restoration
  • Paving repair


STR has a successful track record of helping our school district clients pass referendums. Our recent successes include:

  • East Prairie SD 73, New K-8 School
  • Minooka CHSD 111, New Minooka High School, South Campus
  • Oak Park ESD 97, District-wide facility improvements
  • Brookwood SD 167, New Middle School
  • Schiller Park SD 81, New Middle School


STR has a very successful track record of securing grants for our clients, and we have achieved more than $43 million in grants between 2011 and 2013. Our grant expert Alan Armbrust will help you navigate many options for grant and funding assistance, including but not limited to:

  • Illinois Clean Energy-Net Zero Retrofit Program
  • Direct Legislative Appropriations
  • Deco Grants
  • ISBE: Security & Maintenance Grants
  • Capital Campaign Funding
  • Opportunities for donation