Reflecting on our history

Fifty years is a long time, for a person and for a company. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we’d like to thank our clients, staff, and consultants for their incredible support, enthusiasm, and dedication over these last five decades. With your help, our practice has grown from an office of just a few pioneering architects to over 50 design professionals. And after all of these years, our goal remains the same: provide our clients with the design exper­tise and tools they need to take care of what they have and create what they want. We're excited to embark on the next 50 years of ENHANCING NOW and ENVI­SIONING FUTURES with you!

In 1969, William Scheidemantel & Fred Treitler founded Scheidemantel & Treitler, Ltd. Ric Rinosa is brought on as job captain.

By 1989, Scheidemantel, Treitler, & Rinosa merges with Schlaeger – Taniguchi Architects, and Jan Taniguchi is named president of the firm.

Mike Henderson and Colby Lewis join the ranks in 1995 and 1997, respectively. The firm is now led by Ric, Jan, Mike, & Colby.

Jennifer Costanzo is named partner in 2006, joining Ric, Jan, Mike, & Colby. Now in 2019, Colby, Mike, & Jennifer are at the helm, leading the STR team into the next 50 years!