Interior Environments

Research Facility Renovations

The Feinberg School of Medicine consolidated multiple research and administrative groups into one location. The primary goal was to foster more interaction between the disciplines, as well as creating a more professional work environment and gain operational efficiency from shared facilities. This was accomplished across two 20,000 square foot floors of the class A high rise building near the downtown Northwestern Medical Campus. The renovations and new furniture installation was completed in an aggressive 9 week schedule. Features of the spaces included:

18th Floor

This brought together OB/GYN, Program for Public Health, Simon Research Group and the Ackerman Research Group.

  • Shared reception/waiting
  • Conference facilities
  • Food Service and lounge
  • Dedicated student lab and lounge
  • Distance learning seminar room for 40
  • Private and group offices all with window exposure
  • Swing space of 20 workstations flexible between groups
  • Exam rooms and secure drug and HIPA Recodes storage

19th Floor

This is the consolidation of the MSS group that was spread over multiple locations. An upgraded appearance was key to aid new employee recruitment for this rapidly growing specialty department.

  • ERP research observation/interview suite
  • Technology rich ERP control room
  • 50 Private and group offices all with window exposure
  • Multiple shared conference facilities
  • Designed for future expansion both within the floor and beyond

Focus Group Space

Schlesinger Associates

General Research and Development Lab

Kraft Foods Technology Center

University Research Center

Northwestern University

Employee Interaction Spaces

Kraft Foods

Conference Spaces

Kraft Foods

Lobby Space/Organizational Excellence

Kraft Foods

Lifestyle Research Facility (Kitchen of the Future)

Kraft Foods

Higher Education Offices

Northwestern University, multiple departments